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The story of Golden Jamu trace back to a casual conversation at a small beachside warung in the early days of 2022 on the island of Bali, Indonesia. Through our individual backgrounds and life experiences, we discovered a common dedication to natural health, while our personal challenges and aspirations played a vital role in defining the essence of Golden Jamu. Having resided in Bali for several years, we were well-versed in the incredible benefits of Jamu, the traditional herbal elixir deeply ingrained in Indonesian culture.
Our shared vision urged us to give the elixir a modern twist by incorporating carefully selected ingredients tailored to our specific needs, leading us to our first product - Immunity.
Come along on our journey to uncover deeper insights and experience our soon-to-be-released products, where tradition meets innovation.

- live life like it's golden -

With a deep passion for animals, we're committed to fostering positive change through prioritizing animal welfare and education in Indonesia. When you make a purchase, 2% goes to organizations addressing critical issues, including ending the meat trade of dogs and cats and combating animal torture.
Your support plays a crucial role in advancing the well-being and protection of animals in Bali and Indonesia.